What is a Scrunchie?

Scrunchies are the most popular type of hair accessories that are used for everyday use. A scrunchie is a fabric hair tie that is typically used to secure ponytails and other hairstyles. It is often made from stretchy material such as elastic or ribbon, which makes it gentle on the hair and scalp. Scrunchies are also generally more comfortable to wear than traditional hair ties, and they can help to prevent damage to the hair.


The Types of Scrunchies

At HK Accessories, we offer a wide variety of scrunchies to suit any need. You can use it to style your hair or use them as bracelets as their alternate use. They look great for both purposes!

Our normal scrunchies come in multiple qualities and styles, including printed scrunchies made from cotton and plain scrunchies made from silk.

For a more eye-catching look, our bow tie scrunchies are a great option. These scrunchies are connected with a bow tie that extends from the scrunchie itself, falling together with the hair. They are perfect for use as a styling accessory to accentuate an outfit.

Finally, our XXL organza scrunchies provide a unique take on the classic scrunchie design. Made from organza fabric, these scrunchies are extra-large and perfect for creating an elegant look. No matter what you're looking for, HK Accessories has the perfect scrunchie for you.


Care Tips

Our scrunchies are delivered in plastic bags which are covered by bubble wrap. As it is a fabric product, the color does not fade but it can be a victim of wear and tear. To protect your scrunchie, make sure you keep it in safe packaging when not in use. These scrunchies can also be washed along with your clothes.


Shop for Scrunchies Online at HK Accessories

Our Scrunchies are priced modestly starting from Rs. 100 and going up to Rs. 380 for a pack of five. Most of our scrunchies are also part of our Flash Sale campaign! So do not hesitate to purchase your scrunchie today!