Top 10 Trending Pendants, Necklaces and Lockets for Women

Top Trending Pendants, Necklaces and Lockets for Women


Every accessory that women wear is a statement. A statement that defines their personality. A statement about their emotions. It’s not always about getting appreciation for their looks. Most of the times it’s about how that particular accessory makes them feel. It’s about how their emotions are represented by it.

There are many options in the artificial jewelry market that you can choose your perfect accessory from. Some women prefer rings while others prefer earrings or necklaces. As there are a multitude of options, finding the best jewelry design can become challenging. It becomes important to understand the differences in each category. In this post we will cover Pendants, Necklaces and Lockets. We will also discuss the differences in quality and things to look out for when buying the perfect pendant or necklace.

Pendants, Necklaces and Lockets

A Necklace is an accessory that hangs from the neck. This is the simplest explanation of what defines a necklace. Anything that hangs from the neck using chains or threads would be classified as a necklace. Usually, it is used to define a plain chain or thread.

A pendant is an additional ornament attached to a piece of chain hanging from the neck. It can either be attached directly to the chain or can be added individually. Pendants are usually sold separately from chains as it gives the customer options to collect pendants. A single chain can be used with many different types of pendants. Pendants come attached with hooks that can be passed through chains or threads to complete the look.

A locket is any pendant that can be opened to reveal a hollow space inside. This is usually used to safekeep photos or small items. As a regular pendant, it can be attached to any chain or thread. The additional feature here is that it can carry additional items within as well. These are particularly used for giving gifts or storing important photos of loved ones.

At HK Accessories, we have a huge collection of pendants and necklaces. The necklaces that we carry on our website have a non-detachable pendant attached to it. As it cannot be removed from the necklace without breaking it, we classify those jewelry designs as necklaces. We currently do not deal in lockets, but that is a collection we hope to introduce soon.

The Quality

There is a lot of confusion regarding the different qualities of jewelry available in the markets. A lot of the times, the quality is misrepresented to make a sale. However, this misrepresentation can be easily cleared by diving deeper into the details that make up the jewelry designs. Our necklaces and pendants come in three broad categories:

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is the best material to make jewelry. As the name suggests, if the necklace is made from pure stainless steel, the color will never fade. Steel based jewelry in its native color is always a shade of gray and silver. If any jewelry is claiming to be stainless steel, and it comes in black, blue or golden color, the color will almost always fade. The identifying factor here is that when the color fades, the piece reverts back to its original steel color. Our collection of Stainless-Steel Zodiac Necklaces and Rings are a good example of the type of jewelry available in this material.

18K Plating

The alternative to Stainless Steel Necklace and Pendant that we provide here at HK Accessories is the 18K plating option. 18K is a very popular plating option when it comes to imitation jewellery. This piece is made from copper and alloy particles, and then it is coated with either Gold, Rhodium or Silver Plating. In the case of Gold Plating, the coating is actually mixed with tiny gold particles, so the plating is of real gold, but as the quantity is very little, it holds little to no value in comparison to actual gold.

The advantage of such jewelry designs is that as the raw material is sturdier, it can be used to create delicate and cute pendant designs. Another advantage is that as it’s an imitation of real jewellery, it’s much much cheaper than actual gold pendants. This comes as a plus if you're crazy about your jewellery collection as now you can have pendants necklaces for every occasion. Our collection of 18K Plated Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants and Necklaces is the largest one available for online shopping in Pakistan.

The disadvantage of plating is that it has a life of two to three years. After this time, the color almost always fades away. Another factor to consider is that this plating needs to be protected from water and perfume. The color will fade once it’s in contact with either of them.

Normal Plating

This is the most common jewelry available in the open market. These are produced from less durable raw materials. Nickel and Copper is used stabilize the jewelry pieces and give them some weight. These are then plated with normal Golden, Rhodium or Silver Polish.

As these are plated with the most cost-effective polish available, these are also the most affordable of the three options. The life of these products at a minimum are three months after which they will lose their color. As the price tag associated with these products are at the lower end of the spectrum, the life is hardly a matter of concerns. Our customers usually replace them with newer and better designs available at our website.

Top 10 Pendants and Necklaces

1. 18K Gold Plated Heartbeat Zirconia Stone Necklace

Any list that mentions the top pendants and necklaces designs and does not contain the heart beat necklace is incomplete. This is by far the most popular necklace that we have sold. The attraction of this necklace is its simplicity.

Price: Rs. 1,350

Available in Rhodium: Yes.

2. 18K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Pave Forever Love Infinity Knot Necklace

Similar to our evergreen Heartbeat necklace, the Infinity is a very popular design for our clientele. If you are looking for a minimalistic necklace design that also is a symbol for infinite love, then this is the necklace for you.

Price: Rs. 1,100

Available in Rhodium: Yes.

3. 18K Rhodium Plated Zirconia Swan Necklace

The Swan is a symbol of grace, beauty and love. The spiritual symbolism of the Swan is that it teaches you to love your inner self. As the Swan itself carries a deeper meaning, the reason for its success is evident. The wearer of this necklace feels the grace and beauty of the swan and all that it represents. These necklaces are also available as rhodium and golden pendants.

Price: Rs. 1350

Available in Golden: Yes.

4. 18K Rhodium Plated Zirconia Hanging Butterfly Necklace

The butterfly is a beloved winged creature of delicate beauty. It signifies the metamorphosis of something ordinary into something beautiful. The hanging butterfly necklace is designed with delicate care to bring forth its delicacy in the form of a necklace.

Price: Rs. 1,100

Available in Golden: Yes.

5. 18K Gold Plated Zirconia Stone Crescent and Star Pendant

This Pendant was designed with the love for Pakistan in our minds. Patriotism can be displayed in many different forms. We are giving our customers the opportunity to display their love for their beloved country in the form a beautifully designed and zircon studded pendant.

Price: Rs. 1,100

Available in Rhodium: Yes.

6. 18K Gold Plated Zirconia Stone Disco Ball Pendant

Not every pendant needs to have a deeper meaning. Some can be worn for fun as well. This Disco Ball Pendant is funky enough to look fashionable and decent enough to look presentable.

Price: Rs. 1,100

Available in Rhodium: Yes.

7. 18K Gold Plated Zirconia Stone Sea Starfish Pendant

The Starfish is a majestic creature. They represent infinite divine love. As a symbol of infinite love, this makes for the perfect gift. The minimalist design and intricate finishing make it a very cute pendant to wear.

Price: Rs. 1,100

Available in Rhodium: Yes.

8. 18K Rhodium Plated Zirconia Stone Snowflake Pendant

Just like a snowflake, every individual is unique. This snowflake pendant symbolizes uniqueness. Celebrate your unique individuality by wearing this statement pendant!

Price: Rs. 1,100

Available in Golden: Yes.

9. 18K Rhodium Plated Zirconia Stone Triangle Pendant

The triangle is a powerful symbol of prosperity. That’s why the pyramids and high societies like to use this as their symbol. It also marks the path towards enlightenment and higher perspective. This pendant was designed with three unique sides to bring together the deeper meaning of this symbol!

Price: Rs. 1,100

Available in Golden: Yes.

10. 18K Rhodium Plated Zirconia Stone Hemp Leaf Pendant

Ever since Bob Marley popularized the hemp leaf as a symbol of peace and love, this symbol has been widely used in all kinds of accessories. This is particularly popular with the youth. Now it is available as a pendant!

Price: Rs. 950

Available in Golden: Yes.


All of our Pendants and Necklaces are 18K polish. These pendants and necklaces have a life of upwards of 2 years. We take the utmost care when we package your necklaces and pendants for you. These are always packed in copious amount of bubble wrap. Please keep these away from water and perfume as they will surely damage the color of these jewelry articles.

This list only comprises of our top 10 pendants and necklaces. We have many more designs available on our website. So what are you waiting for! Go and purchase the pendant or necklace that resonates with your personality and make a statement!

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