Ring Size Chart for Women

Ring Size Chart for Women in Pakistan


Choosing the correct ring for women is essential, whether for a special occasion like a wedding or simply adding some flare to the outfit. But here's the tricky part: women come in unique shapes and sizes, and so do their fingers. 😉

Hence, finding the ideal ring size is a tough battle to win.

And yes, there is no chance of guessing up the ring size. Know why? Because ring sizes are relatively definite, unlike t-shirt sizes, which can be small, medium, and large. Thus, guesswork is not an option. Therefore, find one that fits perfectly, like a warm hug for your finger, and doesn't suddenly slip off.

This tutorial will show you a chart method for finding your ring size.

How To Figure Out Your/Her Ring Size

Using several methods, you can quickly determine your lady’s ring size. Three standard methods are as follows:

  1. The String Test - entails measuring the finger's circumference with a string.
  2. The Ring Sizer Test - Use a ring sizer gadget to measure the ring finger.
  3. The Ring Size Chart Visualization – Checking and comparing the measurement to a ring-size table. (View the chart below)

Alternatively, you can seek professional advice on discovering the exact ring size by visiting a jewelry store. However, for more know-how on these approaches, please link to our website blog "How to Measure Ring Size."

Ring Size Chart for Women (in cm)

Pause and take a moment to ensure you have the proper ring size to prevent disappointment when you receive your precious order or purchase one.

HK Women Sizes

Inside Diameter


Outside Diameter


Inside Diameter


6 0.63 2 16.2 K 5.5
7 0.70 2.2 17.2 O 7.5
8 0.71 2.4 18.1 P 8
9 0.74 2.6 18.8 Q 8.5

Understanding Ring Sizes – is that worth knowing?

Understanding ring sizes is a must for anyone who wears or plans to buy rings since it provides a secure and pleasurable fit for your valuable jewels. These rings can be measured in millimeters and centimeters. However, there may be differences across manufacturers. Such variations do not necessarily indicate poor craftsmanship. Still, they do emphasize the need for testing on a ring before engraving it, as some manufacturers may refuse to accept returns on carved rings.

Scenario Guide

For example, you may wear a size 8 shirt that fits well, but when you buy clothes from different brands, you might require a different size.

The same principle applies to rings. You could purchase a ring labeled as size 9 from one jeweler, and it fits perfectly. However, if you try a size 9 from another jeweler, it might feel slightly loose or tight, or chances are the size doesn't even exist. This difference doesn't mean that one is better than the other; instead, it only means that their ring-making processes differ slightly.

As a result, even little variations in ring sizes across jewelers can impact how a ring feels on your finger. Ensuring your ring fits appropriately will protect your jewelry investment and make it easier to wear. Therefore, to ensure a perfect and elegant look on your fingers, knowing your exact ring size is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How Accurate are the Charts Figure?

Although the charts offer general suggestions, fit varies from person to person. Always go to a retailer to get your size professionally measured.

Do Different Countries Have Different Ring Size Standards?

Yes, ring sizes can differ depending on national norms. Make sure you're using the chart appropriate for your area. If necessary, you may translate our ring sizing chart using an online conversion table.

UK Ring Sizing

Employs a system of letters plus a fraction, such as a, a 1/2, b, etc. The size of the ring increases with the letter's distance from the end of the alphabet. Such as z+3, z+3.5, etc. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland employ this tactic.

US and Canadian Ring Sizing

The US system of ring sizes covers sizes down to 31.33mm in circumference, smaller than the UK system. The initials are '0000', '000', '00', '0', '1/2', '3/4', '1', and up to '13.5'.

Asian Ring Sizing

The easiest to determine because there are no fractions or letters to contend with; it's essentially just a matter of counting up 1, 2, and 3. It does not, however, cover as many sizes as some of the other scales. These ring sizes are standard all over the continent, especially in India, China, and the Middle East.

Are Ring Sizers Reliable?

Ring sizers made of metal or plastic are precise. Ring sizes can, however, differ from jeweler to jeweler (often by up to an extent). To ensure the ring is as accurate as possible, we advise measuring your finger by the goldsmith from whom you purchase the ring.

How Do Ring Sizes Work?

Because ring sizes are uniform, buying rings at any jewelry store is simple. Men's most popular ring size is 20, which has a diameter of 19.77 mm, while women's most famous ring size is 6, which has a diameter of 16.2 mm.

Remember that every finger has a different height; thus, your left and right hands probably have different finger sizes. Measure wisely.

What Do I Do If My Ring Size Is in The Middle of Two Dimensions?

For comfort, it is typically advised to select the larger size if your ring size is in between two widths.

Does Our Ring Size Stay the Same All Throughout Our Lives?

With age, pregnancy, and weight gain/loss, our bodies (and fingers) can fluctuate or change permanently. Depending on your circumstances, your ring size may increase or decrease.

What Does a Perfect Ring Size Fit Look and Feel Like?

A perfectly sized ring will slide over the knuckle without effort and rest over your finger easily without twirling and falling off. It should be held securely in place without being uncomfortable or producing grooves if it is too tight. Likewise, it shouldn't feel too loose and let you wiggle your finger freely. And most importantly, it doesn’t come off quickly when you shake hands or clench your fist.

How can I determine my partner's ring size covertly?

You can steal one of your partner's rings and measure it with a ring sizer tool or our ring size chart to find their ring size. You could even enlist the aid of their relatives or friends.

If I Mismeasure a Ring, Can I Resize It?

Yes, you can resize most rings. However, it may not be possible to resize some ring designs or materials; thus, it is preferable to measure precisely in the first place.

You’ve Got Your Ring Size, What’s Next?

Well, now darling, you need to choose a ring! Visit our e-store immediately to find the ideal ring to enchant you and capture your heart!

Our selection is full of gorgeous rings that will attract the gaze and beautify your fingers. To assist you in making your decision, take a fascinating virtual tour of our zirconia studded bands and stainless-steel rings.

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Happy Ring Shopping, Ladies! 😏

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