How to Measure Ring Size

How To Measure Ring Size Online At Home in Pakistan


Have you ever ordered a ring online that didn't fit well when it arrived? It can be heartbreaking not to wear your favorite ring just because it does not fit your finger well. You are either stuck with a ring that you can’t wear or have to go through the process of returning it.

We understand your pain. That's why we have developed some efficient ways to help you measure your ring size. Parade through these best measuring methods and tips to choose the accurate ring size for yourself or your one-in-a-million.

How To Tell What Your Ring Size Is?

Is it hard? Nah! Before measuring, remember the following points.

  • The size of a ring is determined by its diameter or circumference.
  • The length or width is expressed in millimeters.
  • While the circumference measures the entire length of the band, the diameter refers to the length of the ring's inside.

Additionally, each person's ring size is unique and varies from finger to finger. The ranges frequently lie from number 6 to number 21, respectively, for both men and women. Ring sizes for men typically range from 16 to 21, with 18 and 19 being the most popular. The average ring size for women ranges from 6 to 9, with 6 and 7 being the most demanded.

How to Measure Ring Size

The first step is to measure the size of your finger to get the correct ring size before buying a new ring or tweaking a worn-out one. If you've never taken measurements of your fingers, it may be difficult to size – especially men's rings. While it is a little bit easy to calculate a woman's ring size on the same note.

However, determining your size is simple and may be accomplished through various methods. There are four basic ways you can measure your ring size. To get your ideal fit, try one or all four methods. What's most important is to make sure you purchase the right size for the finger you intend to wear your ring on.

Option 01: Utilize a Piece of String/Paper

The best and most reliable approach to determine your ring size is to measure the circumference of your finger.

What You’ll Need

A ruler, marker, a piece of string, or a strip of paper.


  • Cut out a paper strip or a single length available on hand string.
  • Roll it around the tip of your finger. Make sure it’s not too tight.
  • Next, highlight the place on it where the circle is complete. The intersection of your line with the top and bottom halves of the paper should be visible.
  • Then, use a ruler and determine the length of that paper or string. Measure the pieces in centimeters and convert them into inches for increased precision.  (Reason: You'll need this measurement to identify and select your size.)
  • Now, examine the measurement against the ring size chart.
  • Finally, measure again to ensure an error-free size.

Note: If you obtain the exact measurement, cheers, you have figured out your ring size. Nevertheless, if you get a different measure, try again. However, if your third reading corresponds to one of your first two, go with that size.

HK Accessories Ring Size Chart Men

 HK Accesssories

Men Sizes

Inside Diameter


Inside Diameter


16 0.62 15.9
17 0.66 16.8
18 0.71 18.1
19 0.75 19.1
20 0.77 19.7
21 0.81 20.6

HK Accessories Ring Size Chart Women

 HK Accesssories

Women Sizes

Inside Diameter


Inside Diameter


6 0.63 16.2
7 0.70 17.2
8 0.71 18.1
9 0.74 18.7

Option 02: Measure by Matching Your Current Ring

Another choice is to use a ring within your home to calculate your ring size.

What You’ll Need

An existing ring, a string, and a ruler.


  • Select the ring you wish to use as a model. Check if the ring comfortably fits the exact finger you're measuring for.
  • Find a flat, even surface to work on, such as a floor, a table, or a countertop.
  • Measure the interior diameter of the ring from one inner edge to the opposite inner edge with a ruler or measuring tape. To ensure accuracy, measure in millimeters or centimeters, whichever suits you best and easy.
  • Once you've taken the measurement, use our ring size chart to establish your size based on the diameter.

Note: Some rings may have a size stamp inside the band. Look for markings like "6", "7", "8", etc., which indicate the ring size. This can serve as a confirmation of the measured size.

Option 03: Use A Ring Sizer

Yes, that’s right... You can now print a ring sizer without leaving your house. It is not usually expensive, and there are numerous possibilities available online.

What You’ll Need

Ring sizer (physical or online) (Our chart is there to assist you.)


  • Purchase a ring sizer tool from a jeweler or online.
  • Choose which finger is to be measured for the ring.
  • Then, slide the ring sizer onto the desired finger. Make sure it fits smoothly and gently.
  • Look for the number on the sizer corresponding to the ring's edge. This number represents your ring size.
  • To ensure accuracy and comfort, try on the sizer several times.
  • Finally, write down or recall the ring sizer's measurement.

Option 04: Get Sized at a Jewelry Store

The time-saving strategy. This is the most convenient technique for men and women to get the appropriate ring size by visiting a jewelry store. The store employees will measure your ring size and inform you of it for future use.

Tips for Faultless Measurement

The typical ring size varies significantly between countries due to the individual's physique. Also, our finger sizes differ daily; specific-sized rings will fit better than others. Consider the below facts when picking a ring size to guarantee an optimal fit.

Find the Right Fit

Consider the breadth of bands or stacking rings. The ring must be comfortable to stay on and loose enough to move about to fit over your knuckle. What if the knuckle is larger than the base of the finger? Don’t worry measure both places and choose a size in between.

Consider the Finger and the Hand

For a perfect trim, measure the finger wearing the ring the most. Wedding and engagement rings are often worn on the left ring finger. Rings for fashion can be worn on any finger on either hand. Measure your finger size several times to verify your measurements.

Weather and Time Considerations

Try measuring your finger in the evening to get a precise reading. The size of your fingers is usually the same at that time, as opposed to the morning when they may be smaller due to the cold.

Likewise, avoid measuring shortly after you wake up because your fingers may have expanded overnight. It's also not a good idea to measure in extreme temperatures or precipitation, after strenuous exercise, or when unwell.

Furthermore, avoid alcohol and salty meals before taking measurements because they might cause transient finger swelling, resulting in a false result.

Materials and Measurement

Use materials that will not drape off to achieve the perfect measurement of your finger size. Ribbons, cords, ropes, string, and paper suit this purpose. These materials will not change shape when measuring, ensuring a tangible result.

Every Finger Deserves a RING

It's okay if you don't get it right the first time. You may always experiment with different rings, sizes, and designs for males and females to determine what suits your style and comfort best.

Remember: Some rings are better suited to specific fingers or events.

Check out our website for assistance in locating what you're looking for. Whether you're interested in a sleek steel black ring or one adorned with dazzling zirconia, we are just a click away to help you find the ideal symbol of commitment.

Your Style, Your Promise, Our Rings.

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